Jerky Bag Variety Bundle

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The ultimate jerky bundle!!

The Jerky Bag Variety Bundle provides two bags each of our Elk, Buffalo, Venison and Wild Boar jerky.  This is a wonderful gift for the jerky lover in your family and also is terrific to take on camping, hunting or fishing trips as each bag is resealable to help keep them fresh and the jerky is in bite size pieces making it super easy to share.  This bundle saves you 17% over buying the products individually!

A great sack choice.  High in Protein, low in fat, Gluten free with no nitrites and no MSG. Simply put given the meat types we use our jerky is a healthier choice than beef based jerky.

Bundle Includes:

  • 2 Elk Jerky Bags (2.1oz each)
  • 2 Buffalo Jerky Bags (2.1oz each)
  • 2 Venison Jerky Bags (2.1oz each)
  • 2 Wild Boar Jerky Bags (2.1oz each)

       Net weight: 16.8 oz. (8 total pieces)