Charcuterie. French for delicatessen. Which we just translate as "Fancy Pants Meat and Cheese Platter."  It's what you throw together when you want to eat with your hands, but feel fancy.

The best part about charcuterie (besides meat and cheese) is that it's an art.  No recipe needed.  All you gotta do is pick your favorite deli meats and cheese, some dried fruits, a spread or two, and some nuts.  Pile 'em on a huge platter and serve!  You want a mixture of sweet and salty. 

Of course, you can't really consider it complete unless you include some Pearson Ranch Jerky.

For the charcuterie plate pictured above, we used:

  • proscuitto
  • salami
  • mortadella
  • Pearson Ranch Jerky Elk Summer Sausage
  • brie
  • blue cheese
  • crackers (several choices)
  • fresh figs
  • dried mandarin oranges
  • marcona almonds
  • olive tapanade
  • fig jam

You can use whatever types of meats and cheeses you want, fresh and dried fruits, any types of spreads, any type of cracker(s)! The sky is the limit.  

Have fun! And share a photo of your creation with us!

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