New Products

What's new?!?   Well this is the place to find out.... this tab combines all of our most recent product releases on one tab. 

Here are some highlights...

Duck Snack Sticks!!  Yes, Duck!  We've added a new protein type to the line-up.  They aren't greasy, just good.  These Duck snack sticks fit right into our line up providing another high quality snack choice.  Currently, they are only in a multi-stick pack (three 1 ounce sticks).  

Venison Jalapeno Snack Sticks!!   We've added jalapenos to our standard venison snack sticks for those looking for a little more flavorful kick.  Don't worry it's not too much... just right!  Currently, we are only putting them in a multi-stick pack (four 1 ounce sticks).

Elk Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage!! Many of you asked for it, here it is... we've added jalapenos and cheese directly into a elk summer sausage.  This takes "slice and serve" to another level.  The flavor is smooth, rich and balanced.  We're confident we have a big hit on our hands.  The jalapeno cheese elk summer sausage comes in a large 12 ounce format.  The ultimate party favor!

Beef Jerky: They're back.  Both Cowboy Original and Hot & Sweet flavors.  As most you jerky lovers know, the industry has gone a bit crazy over the last couple of years.  The economics (beef prices and labor shortages) have taken their toll on the smaller producers in the market and it took us a while to find a new partner that could provide a whole muscle beef jerky product that meets our high standards.  We are happy to re-introduce our beef jerky products (and think you will be too!).  Both flavors come in 3 ounce bags.