New to Pearson Ranch Elk & Bison Jerky... Variety Packs and Samplers!

Aug 16, 2013Veronica Castleberry

Jerky sample packVariety Packs and Samplers are now available! Conveniently grouped to provide an easier shopping experience along with a wallet-friendly discount.

Our Greenhorn Samplers are a great entry point to the delicious world of Pearson Ranch Elk & Bison Jerky. You can try a sample portion of our elk jerky and snack sticks, bison jerky and snack sticks, and beef snack sticks.

Our Variety Packs include the City Slicker, the Wrangler, the Trail Boss, Snack Attack, Six-Shooter, and Whole Chuck Wagon. Packed full of tasty elk, bison, and beef snack sticks, jerky, and summer sausage, these packs provide bundled packages of our most popular meat snacks in small, medium, and large packages. Whether you are looking for yourself or as a gift, we're sure one of our Variety Packs will fit your needs.


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