The Trail Boss - Wild Boar Variety Pack

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When it comes to Wild Boar are you ready to be a Trail Boss?  If so, then this Trail Boss Wild Boar Pack is a must have.  It is our largest pack of Wild Boar products and sure to satisfy.  Our Wild Boar Trail Boss Variety Pack provides an ample selection of our wild boar snack sticks and jerky bags.  Packed full of lean protein and low in fat, Pearson Ranch's meat snacks are the perfect choice anytime of day.  This mega pack saves you 20% over buying the products individually.  Go ahead, you're ready to be a Trail Boss.

No MSG, Gluten Free and No Nitrites.


  • 24 Wild Boar Hickory Snack Sticks
  • 6 Wild Boar Jerky bags

       Net weight: 36.6 oz. (30 total pieces)