Pearson Ranch Jerky

Exotic Burger Sampler


Take your burger game to the next level with the Pearson Ranch Exotic Burger Sampler! This wild-game meat box includes 1 lb. of each: venison burgers, elk burgers, bison burgers, wild-boar burgers, and ostrich burgers. There's no better way to try out one of the tastiest cuts of meat from the wild! Weight: 5 lbs. (total). Made in USA.

  • Includes 1 lb. of each burger: venison, elk, bison, wild boar, and ostrich
  • Made from delicious wild game meat
  • A great way to stock up on or try your favorite cut


-All orders include container items that include: dry ice, insulated box, gel packs to keep product 100% frozen to destination. Shipment will weigh 20lbs with meat and dry ice package. 

-No Canada or Foreign shipments allowed. 2 Day Transit orders ship Tuesday & Wednesdays. Orders will not ship the week they are placed. Orders ship the following week, Monday through Thursday, with scheduled delivery by Friday. Orders will not be shipped on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Shipments will not be scheduled for delivery Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

-Meat Orders will ship in different packages and shipments then other items ordered on website. Shipped FEDEX 2 Day shipping. Prices include shipping. Shipping date not guaranteed.

-No need to pay for shipping as it is 2nd Day Air is covered in the price.