The City Slicker - Venison Variety Pack

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Like Venison and want to save over 5% on lunch. With this mini bundle you do just that.  You could take a break and walk down the block and pick up a sandwich.  Or you could reach into your desk drawer and find your very own, very delicious City Slicker Venison Variety pack from Pearson Ranch Jerky.  Sink your teeth into these delectable jerky options:

  • 6 Venison Hickory Snack Sticks
    • sku = VH1-C
  • 2 Venison Jerky bags
    • sku = VJ2-C

Net weight: 10.2 oz. (8 total pieces)

The best part: unlike that sandwich you could go get, these snacks are high-protein, low-fat, MSG-free, gluten-free, and have no added nitrites.  Plus, save 14% when you order the bundle rather than each product.

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